WordPerfect: How to Change Outline Format when “Edit Style” is Grayed Out

Below is an example of a basic 4 level, double spaced, flush left outline:

But suppose you wanted to change your outline format from flush left paragraphs to indented paragraphs? If you are comfortable with WordPerfect Bullets and Numbering, you might click “Outline” in reveal codes or “Modify” in the Property Bar to open the “Create Format” dialog box to display settings for the active outline:

So far, so good. But when you look more closely, you’ll see that the “Edit Style” button is grayed out. Unavailable.

that’s inconvenient.

But there’s another way. Actually, TWO other ways. Check it out:
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How to Set Outlook as your Default Mail Application in Windows 10

I admit, I like Windows 10, but there are a few settings that tend to annoy me because they exploit the everyday user’s unfamiliarity with Windows 10 in order to push built-in Windows 10 apps on the unsuspecting. One of those settings designates the Windows 10 Mail application as the default mail application – even after Outlook has been installed.

[Just to clarify: When you are reading an email in Outlook and you click “Reply” you get a new email Window in Outlook. That’s not the issue.]

Here’s how this setting can cause you problems: When you click an email link on a web page – or even an email link within the body of an email you may be reading in Outlook, instead of opening the new email window in Outlook, Windows 10 will open a new email window in its own email application.

If you’d like all new email windows to open in Outlook, follow the 3 steps below to change your Windows 10 default mail application to Outlook.

1. In the Windows 10 search bar, type the word “Default” and the window should expand upwards displaying “Default app settings”

2. Left-click “Default app settings” and a window showing your Default Apps should appear with “Email” at the top.

3. Left-click somewhere over the envelope icon and select the email program you prefer.

(see the images below for more help and
click any image to view it larger on its own page)

When you begin typing, a menu similar to the one in the image below should pop up above the search bar.

After you click “Default app settings” you should see the following menu displaying the Mail icon under the word “Email”:

If you hover your mouse over the Mail icon, it will be highlighted with a gray bar as in the image below:

When you left-click anywhere on the gray bar, a menu will open similar to the one in the image below. Just click the email application you prefer (in this example, I’ve used “Outlook 2016”) and you’re done!

Hopefully, a Windows 10 update won’t hijack that setting and make you do this again. 🙂

free ringtone: Parks and Rec Theme Song

Parks and RecParks and Recreation:

The first 29 Seconds of the Parks and Rec Theme Song Right click HERE to download.

Click Below to Listen:

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free ringtone: No Sign of Intelligent Life Anywhere

Buzz Lightyear No Sign of Intelligent LifeToy Story:

Buzz Lightyear saying “There seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere.”
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share your email address, but hide it from spammers

Type the following code in your “contact” page or wherever you want your contact information to appear on your website:


Copy the code below, paste it in a text file and edit the content in red:
(You can use any text editor, like the Notepad app in Windows.)

<!– Begin

// NOTE: If you use a ‘ add a slash before it like this \’
// NOTE: to turn any code into a comment, type two forward slashes //
in front of the line of code
// NOTE: I left the css code in, but you would need to create it in your own style sheet

document.write(‘<span class=”phonetitle”><nobr>’);

document.write(‘Your Name Here‘);


document.write(‘10901 Your Street<br>’);

document.write(‘City, ST 12345<br>’);

document.write(‘PHONE: <span class=”phonetitle”>(555) 555-5555<BR></span>’);


document.write(‘EMAIL: <A HREF=”mailto:yourown@emailaddress.com” class=”link”>yourown@emailaddress.com</a><br>’);

//  End –>

Name the text file “phone.js” and save it in the same folder as the file containing the first code.

Now, your email isn’t underlying text that’s easily found by scammers and spammers, it’s buried in code. The downside is that anyone who’s not running javascript can’t see your content – rare, but possible.

Caveat: If your website is hosted on WordPress.com, they don’t allow javascript, so this code won’t work for your site.

(code snippet credit allwebcodesign.com)

wordpress: where can I find the post id?

When I’ve used the [display post] feature of wordpress, I sometimes need to find an id number for a particular post. There are two quick, easy ways to find the post id:

1. If you’re logged into your WordPress dashboard, click Posts > All Posts. Find the post you need and hover or roll your mouse over the title. The post id number will appear in the progress bar in the bottom left of the browser.


2. If you are editing a post, it’s displayed in the URL.


Hope this was helpful!

free message notification: “Hey. How you doin?”

Yzma Krunk“Hey. How you doin?”

Joey from friends saying:
“Hey. How you doin?”
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html: prevent line break after text link

preventlinebreakafterlinkwith_inlineThe problem:
Creating a text link seemingly inserts a line break and causes the text following the link to wrap to the next line. Notice the second paragraph is not a link – and it doesn’t wrap.

This is what the original code looks like:

To prevent the text from wrapping/inserting a line break, add an inline property to your anchor tag.

Here’s what the inline property looks like:

preventlinebreakafterlinkwith_inline_finalAnd here’s the result:
I know the font size of the link is slightly larger than the paragraph text. I’ll be fixing that next.

html lists: indent spacing and change bullet styles

Working on my website recently and created a multi-level unordered list. The spacing of the second level indent was much more than I needed and I wasn’t loving the fact that the bullets were the same for both levels.

I found code to solve both those problems, so as usual, I’m posting it here for my future reference and, hopefully, to help someone else looking to solve the same problems.

I changed the second level bullet style to square and reduced the second level indent to 15px. Here’s a screen shot of my final list, followed by the code snippets I used:

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html: add a mouse hover “tooltip” to a link.

Here’s a little code snippet you can add to a link so that when someone hovers their mouse over the link, a “tooltip” is displayed, giving them more information. In the example shown below, the image of Dorothy looking out her window is a link to download an audio clip of the theme of the Wicked Witch. The tooltip I added displays the target post’s title “free ringtone: wicked witch of the west” when the mouse hovers over the image.

A simple way to add a tooltip to an image link is to add the following code immediately following the link target:

<span title=”your tooltip language goes here”></span>

For an example of how this was used in the image above, check out the sample code below.
The tooltip code appears highlighted on line 4:

<a href="https://pragmaticcomputing.wordpress.com/
<span title="free ringtone: wicked witch of the west">
<img class="alignnone size-large wp-image-685" 
style="border: 1px solid #000000;" 
w=474" width="474" height="700" /></span></a>

As you might expect, the tooltip code isn’t limited for use with an image link. It can also be used with a text link, again, just by adding it immediately following the link target and before the </a>
(hover over the following text to view the tooltip)

Wicked Witch of the West Theme Song

Here’s what the code from the above text link looks like:

<a href="https://pragmaticcomputing.wordpress.com/
<span title="free ringtone: wicked witch of the west">Wicked Witch of the West Theme Song

To add a tooltip to plain text, it’s even simpler:

<span title=”your tooltip language goes here”>Text to be hovered over.</span>